BBI Explosive Detection IMASS verified by independent testing

BBI Detections Explosive Detection IMASS product has had its product claims independently verified by CBRNe World

The tests were carried out in conjunction with CBRNe World at Hertfordshire University’s chemistry laboratories and Cranfield University’s explosives range. The two days of testing included both lab and field testing, looking at known amounts of explosive at and below the limits claimed on the product literature and along with field tests with sampling of real world samples at Cranfield explosives range. The Explosive Detection IMASS was tested against ammonium nitrate based explosives as well as conventional military explosives. The testing also confirmed the products ease of use and low training burden.

Andrew Johnston, Head of explosives detector testing for CBRNe World said: “We are all very impressed with the outcome of the last two days. The IMASS explosives detector has performed exceptionally well. In fact the detector performed so well we were able to add some additional limits of detection testing pushing the detector well beyond the manufacturers claimed limits of detection, all of which it took in its stride. The feedback from BBI has been excellent, and we have enjoyed working with them and assisting them in their on-going development of the IMASS”.

Tags: Detection, CBRNe, Detector, Military, Explosive

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