Avon launches CRS15

Avon launch new backpack capability called CRS15

Avon launch new backpack of individual PPE and decon equipment called the CRS15. The one-time use kit includes their NH15 escape hood and also comes with gloves, protective suit and decontamination equipment from other unnamed manufacturers. All are CE Certified, have a 5 year shelf life, and the NH15 escape hood is available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. Avon stated that the backpack was suitable for 'for possible CBRN situations at major events, during riots, during political visits, at embassies, or during VIP travel. It is also suitable for corporate headquarters and embassy staff in areas of high CBRN threat, and for the industrial chemical, oil and gas markets for both routine maintenance and for disaster situations.'

Avon sell this directly or make it available on a hire/lease basis with 'fast deployment to many countries around the world.'

Avon are not the first to come up with the concept, Force 1 Decon have for a number of years been back-packing both decon and PPE, but it is the first time that PPE and personal decon have been bagged together, and the ability to lease it is also novel (though presumably Avon don't want it back once it is contaminated!).

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