Arktis Detection Systems launches Team Arktis to formalize strategic partnerships

Arktis, a leading provider of radiological and nuclear detection services, formally announced its strategic partnership with key industry stakeholders, launching Team Arktis. The launch of Team Arktis is part of the company’s mission to enhance the radiological and nuclear solutions it provides to the U.S. Government, and ensure a robust, high-volume US supply chain as well as be part of a domestic national security platform.

The need for federal agencies to implement and deploy layered nuclear and radiological detection systems at points of entry such as the border or ports, as well as for local, state and tribal agencies is critical.

Through the establishment of Team Arktis, the company has entered into clear and binding relationships with three key partners:
● Plexus Corp. (Headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin) – Plexus is an industry leader that specializes in partnering with companies in demanding regulatory environments – such as the defense, security and aerospace market – to bring complex products to life through design and development, manufacturing, supply chain and aftermarket services.
● Veteran Corps of America (Headquartered in Abington, Md.) – Veteran Corps has a proven track-record of providing installation, service engineering and training capabilities to the Department of Defense and other Federal Government customers, with teams primarily comprised of military veterans with proven subject matter expertise.
● SecuriGence, LLC (Headquartered in Leesburg, Va.) – SecuriGence has a track record of providing class-leading cybersecurity hardening, software development, and engineering to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) standards as well as several Defense agencies.

Rico Chandra, CEO & co-founder of Arktis, signed agreements formalizing the partnership, in the presence of governmental and private-sector stakeholders during the Team Arktis Launch Event in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 12.

“As Arktis celebrates its 10-year anniversary, we look forward to growing our presence in the U.S. market with a trusted group of key partners,” Dr. Chandra said. “Working together, Team Arktis will empower agencies across the federal landscape by helping address and overcome one of today’s most pressing global security challenges, the detection and identification of radiological and nuclear threats.”

The formation of Team Arktis will enable state-of-the-art radiological protection to be provided to the Federal Government from a unified US supply chain and compliant to US standards, including the most rigorous cyber-security requirements. With dynamic areas of expertise in software development, engineering, serial production and training, Team Arktis will work as a unified entity to meet the technical, logistical, and commercial requirements of both federal and local customers.

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