Argon Releases AccuRad PRD Simulator

Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd. has launched a training simulator for the Mirion AccuRad PRD. Developed jointly with Mirion Technologies, the AccuRad-SIM is the latest simulator product to be created using Argon’s ground-breaking highly realistic Gamma simulation technology.

The Accurad-SIM incorporates all of the features of the actual detector including the highly innovative Radar search capability. Trend monitoring and all user interface features are also simulated and integration with all Mirion AcuRad software applications is maintained.

Accurad-SIM simulates the effects of shielding and inverse square law response and permits highly realistic search and monitoring training scenarios to be implemented in complete safety without the need to use radiological sources of safety personnel.

Compatibility with other Argon simulated radiation detectors and also PlumeSIM permits multi agency multi detector exercises to take place with ease.

Steven Pike, Argon’s Managing Director exclaimed “The creation of AccuRad-SIM is the latest in a series of simulator products that Argon has created for Mirion product and we are especially proud of the short development timescale achieved which is testament to the superb cooperation between the Mirion and Argon product and engineering teams.”

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