Argon Electronics 'twofer'

Argon Electronics announced that they had fulfilled a UK MoD contract in record time and that they now offer the Thermo FH40 G-SIM.

Argon were keen to announce that they had delivered a range of PlumeSIM instrumented CBRN training devices to the UK MoD, including Camsim, AP4C-SIM and LCAD (known elsewhere as LCD) - Sim, to the British Army. “This substantial contract demonstrated Argon’s ability work with our customers in order to deliver a major project to extremely tight deadlines. We are extremely proud that UK MoD awarded Argon this important contract, and look forward to a continuing long term relationship with DE&S,” stated Steven Pike, Managing Director of Argon Electronics. This follows the delivery of Plume Sim to Winterborne Gunner last year.

In addition to this they also announced that Thermo's FH40 G radiation detector was now being offered as a simulator. The FH40 G-Sim will join Argon's other radiation dosimeters/survey meters in helping responders train in a safe environment. Indeed the FH40 G-Sim is compatible with other Argon products, allowing what they term \"multi-detector, multi-isotope training during the same exercise.\"

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