Aquila Bioscience- AntiBioDecon (ABD) Technology

Introducing the AB Decontamination device. Free from alcohol and toxic chemicals, it is a biodegradable Class I sterile device that safely captures, removes and neutralises harmful pathogens and viral infections like coronavirus from skin and surfaces.

Inspired by nature, our Innovative Technology contains molecules that bind to pathogens with high affinity and removes them from the infected surfaces.

ABD does not attack the pathogens, it captures them which means it is less likely that the pathogen will evolve its defenses and this reduces the risk of secondary re-contamination. Once captured inside the material the contaminant does not detach.

Recently Aquila Bioscience received independent results on COVID 19. The capability was shown to remove 99.9 %of the pathogen from human skin. 

More information can be found on their website  and in this video. 

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