Alluviam Releases HazMasterG3

Alluviam has recently announced the release of the HazMasterG3, adding adaptive, mission specific CBRNE UI, and other advanced tools.

Changing mission requirements, from responding to improvised warfare agent contamination in Syria, site exploitation of clandestine labs, or responding to hazmat incidents all require unique tools and techniques to successfully prosecute these scenarios. With HazMasterG3’s new release, the system can rapidly adapt to these and other situations by dynamically adapting the user interface to meet the needs of any mission scenario

As an unfolding operational mission changes, the user interface rapidly adapts to the changing requirements with just a few taps. Whether responding to fentanyl or other suspected opioid exposures, identifying home-made explosive formulations, or determining the latest decontamination and neutralization guidance, only HazMasterG3 has an adaptable set of decision support tools and accredited guidance to quickly and easily handle these situations. HazMasterG3's comprehensive set of decision support tools provide the \"so what does that mean?\" insights into complex scenarios, all built upon a vast database of over 167,000 materials and trade names.

Advancing the state-of-the-art, HazMasterG3 can now identify hidden gases potentially present when using its new electro-chemical (EC) cross-sensitivity analysis tool for sensors made by Draeger, MSA, RAE/Honeywell or ISC Corporation – for their entire range of EC sensors. This advanced tool is only available in HazMasterG3, and is currently under deployment with the US Military to better identify threats, and protect military responders in harm’s way.

Building on HazMasterG3's already market-leading Home Made Explosives (HME) analytics, we’ve incorporated additional HME formulations the system can identify and production yields that can be estimated. In use at national HME training centers for over 10 years, HazMasterG3 has a proven track record of providing key insights into the identification of HME and is deployed with civilian bomb squads and military EOD teams globally. The system currently tracks over 30,000 materials and trade names that are known dual-use precursors - more than any other system. Anyone interested in making HME may also be more than willing to repurpose illicitly obtained ordnance. This release includes an expanded ordnance database with more former Warsaw Pact and ISIS improvised munitions. HazMasterG3 is the only available app that can perform a broad range of HME and ordnance identification on a mobile device without requiring any internet or other remote access.

Expanding industry endorsement for HazMasterG3’s is also ongoing, with Metrohm’s announcement of the availability of their new Mira DS handheld Raman spectrometer that includes HazMasterG3 integration. More information on HazMasterG3 can be found at

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