AktiVax win contract to develop new 2-PAM auto-injector

It was announced this week that AktiVax, Inc., of Boulder, Colorado, have been awarded a contract by BARDA to develop a new auto-injector for 2-PAM. Auto-injectors for 2-PAM are no longer manufactured and were originally designed for military use meaning a new, easy to use device is required.

Under an 18-month, $15 million contract with BARDA, AktiVax will advance the development of its ARAI platform technology, combining the ARAI auto-injector with the drug 2-PAM to create ARAI-2PAM. The contract can be extended up to a total of $55 million over four years and could support putting other medications into the ARAI platform.

The ARAI platform technology has the potential to be used for administering drugs other than 2-PAMor for administering multiple drugs at once to adults or children and is designed with modern technology that can be used safely by members of the public.

Development of the new device also could diversify the supply chain for auto-injectors to administer drugs in the HHS Strategic National Stockpile.

BARDA continues to seek proposals for development of effective products to treat injuries caused by chemical agents, including new products or new indications for products already in clinical use. The products must be easy to use in a mass casualty situation and safe and effective for all segments of the population. Proposals are accepted through the Broad Agency Announcement BARDA-CBRN-BAA-16-100-SOL-00001 at the Federal Business Opportunities website, www.fbo.gov.

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