Airbus snags Bundeswehr jamming contract

Airbus announced that they had landed a several million Euro contract to provide 36 VPJ-R6 jammers (VPJ = Vehicle Protection Jammer).

The Bundeswehr will start incorporating 36 VPJ-R6 jammers (VPJ = Vehicle Protection Jammer) into their existing vehicle fleet. Airbus stated that VPJ uses ultra-fast SMART Responsive Jamming Technology to substantially enhance protection compared to conventional systems. It detects and identifies radio signals intended to detonate roadside bombs. After detection and classification, it transmits real-time jamming signals, which precisely match the hostile frequency band, thus interrupting the connection between assassin and bomb.

Thanks to new digital receiver and signal processing technologies, the system achieves reaction times of well below a millisecond. Up to 750.000 million threat signals in all common frequency bands can be detected and jammed each second. The jamming power is focused on the detonation signal’s specific frequency instead of being distributed over the whole frequency range, as is the case in conventional systems. In this way less energy is required, while the jamming effect is increased at the same time. Moreover, this also reduces the impact on friendly forces’ radio communication, which means that reliable command and control can be ensured.

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