Air Techniques Unveils Next Generation in Real-Time Biological Threat Detection

Air Techniques Unveils Next Generation in Real-Time Biological Threat Detection

1 JUNE 2016 - Owings Mills, MD - Air Techniques International (ATI) announced the release of its latest innovative product, the EBS™ Real-Time Biodetection Sensor. The announcement was made concurrently in Washington, DC at the NCT: CBRNe USA Conference and in Tokyo, Japan at the CBRNE Convergence Asia Conference. ATI President Ron Adkins presented in Tokyo, while the Director of Sales, Jon Beville, presented in Washington, DC. The presentations focused on the changing nature of the threat posed by a biological attack, the lack of preparedness among so-called “soft targets” such as airports and mass transit systems globally, and the evolution of biosurveillance system architecture and incident response.

In December 2015, ATI acquired the underlying technology in the EBS from S3I, a defense technology development company led by David Silcott. The companies have been working collaboratively to develop the EBS system into a deployable platform. Silcott is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in biosurveillance, and as the developer of the IBAC™, a previous generation of biological aerosol sensor that has been successfully deployed in a range of biosurveillance applications.

“The EBS provides biodetection capabilities that have previously been unachievable, including real-time classification of airborne particle types, single-spore sensitivity, and a substantial reduction in false triggers,” said Ron Adkins, ATI President. “We have also accomplished our goal of achieving significant cost reductions relative to similar products, which we plan to pass on to our customers with the goal of supporting widespread deployment of this critical capability in global preparedness against bio threats. Our employees are excited to expand on our key role in protecting people, products, and critical infrastructure.”

“ATI is the right company to successfully bring this innovation to global markets, having decades of experience developing and manufacturing optical instruments and supporting ChemBio programs,” said David Silcott, S3I President. “S3I is passionate about the importance of real-time biosurveillance and we look forward to supporting ATI’s efforts and seeing the EBS deliver significant value in critical applications where it is urgently needed.”

Air Techniques will continue to display and highlight the EBS system through presentations and demonstrations at events in the second half of 2016, including ASIS National Convention in Orlando September 12-15 and CBRNe Convergence San Diego October 31-November 1.

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