Active stand-off detection by SEC Technologies even better than before

SEC Technologies launch improved version of their Falcon 4G

SEC Technologies will introduce an improved version of the Falcon 4G-S+ active stand-off detector at CBW in Stockholm. It features an upgraded high-precision CO2 laser with a wavelength ranging between 9,6 µm and 11,3 µm with 125 individual spectral lines. The laser's 50-mJ pulses allow the detection of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals at distances of up to 6 km under real conditions. Thanks to the high-precision laser, the stand-off detector is insensitive to CO2 and water vapor in the atmosphere, thus having a head start compared to passive detectors. At the same time, this device allows the detection of biological warfare agents at distances of up to 2 km. The Falcon 4G-S+ has already been successfully tested in a number of environments, including desert as well as in high-humidity environments. The Falcon 4G-S+ developed by SEC Technologies is pushing the limits of stand-off detection.

Tags: Detection, Chemical, Detector, Biological, Warfare

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