A report on the analytical comparison of Raman and FT-IR is available from Rigaku Analytical Devices

Raman and Infrared (IR) spectroscopy are mutually complementary techniques used for characterization and identification of materials. The study focused on the applicability of these two techniques to determine if they can be used interchangeably for hazardous material identification or if there are inherent advantages and disadvantages to either method. Results from instruments that use Raman spectroscopy with various excitation lasers were compared to an instrument using IR spectroscopy. These instruments were run against a common set of chemicals that included both precursors and active chemicals that are of interest in the production and detection of explosives and narcotics.

The paper \"Comparison of FT-IR and Raman Spectroscopy:Identification of common chemicals in safety and security applications\" produced by Dr. Suzanne Schreyer, Sr. Applications Scientist at Rigaku Analytical Devices is available to read here https://www.rigaku.com/downloads/wp/Comparison%20of%20IR%20and%20Raman%20Spectroscopy(20July2017).pdf.

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