908 Devices & Guardian Centers

908 Devices, a pioneer of purpose-built handheld and desktop mass spec devices for chemical and biomolecular analysis, today announced it is teaming with Guardian Centers of Georgia, a world-renowned training facility that specializes in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) programs.

Trusted by thousands of first responders, Guardian Centers of Georgia educates clientele with classroom-based courses and realistic practicum experience to identify, analyze and respond to new and evolving threats. Guardian Centers of Georgia’s use of 908 Devices MX908 has been integral to this training, particularly given the MX908’s trace detection capabilities that identify hazardous materials in real-time.

“Our programs seek to give trainees critical information quickly so they can make sound decisions in high-stress environments,” said Tim Maloney, EVP of Operations and Training at the Guardian Centers of Georgia. “The MX908 gives us a level of confidence that can affect change, which isn’t possible with other tools. That, in turn, increases speed, efficacy and accuracy, which are essential for highly sensitive field work, and ensures first responders are safe no matter the threat they encounter. We look forward to growing our relationship with 908 Devices and continuing to serve as the premier training facility for CBRNE and disaster preparedness.”

The MX908 is a handheld device that identifies trace elements of solid, liquid, vapor or aerosol in seconds. Its portability, speed and ease of use make it an ideal tool to use in the field, replacing other technologies that aren’t as accurate or intuitive. Users simply prepare their sample, input it in the MX908 and receive an on-screen alert with the substance makeup as well as more details to understand the scope of the threat. As a critical-to-life device, the MX908 is used in the Guardian Centers’ training program – both the classroom portion and field scenarios – to quickly identify chemicals and drugs.

“Our MX908 device is used by government agencies, police departments and specialized teams to quickly detect hazardous materials and keep the public safe,” said John Kenneweg, Vice President of Government at 908 Devices. “Given the extensive training Guardian Centers of Georgia conducts, it has been a natural evolution to team with them as they educate thousands of global first responders on the tactics, techniques and procedures to successfully execute downrange operations safely and effectively. It’s yet another part of our journey to democratize mass spec and we’re proud to support Guardian Centers of Georgia in their training efforts.”

To learn more about the MX908 and 908 Devices, visit: 908devices.com. To learn more about Guardian Centers of Georgia and their CBRNE programs, visit guardiancenters.com.

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