908 Devices expands MX908 capabilities to include Novichok

908 Devices, a pioneer of analytical devices for chemical and biomolecular analysis, today announced the expansion of their MX908™ multi-mission trace chemical detection device capabilities to include Novichok agents, an emerging chemical warfare threat. The company debuted this enhancement in the MX908 CW Hunter mission mode at the 2019 International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) International Hazardous Materials Response Teams conference in Baltimore June 13-16.

Following a 2018 UK attack, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released new guidance in January to first responders nationwide for Novichok chemical warfare agents (CWAs), also known as A-series agents or Fourth Generation Agents (FGAs). Novichok agents are more persistent than other nerve agents and can be as toxic as VX. HazMat and military chemical response teams need quick, confident answers in the event of an attack to minimize casualties and limit the spread of contamination. Until now, response personnel have had limited capability to detect and identify Novichoks in the field. The MX908 is the only commercially available field device that can identify Novichoks at trace levels and deliver results within 60 seconds, expediting response times and increasing both public and responder safety.

“First responders must be equipped with tools that can adapt to novel threats as they arise,” said Dr. Kevin J. Knopp, CEO and Co-founder of 908 Devices. “We proactively designed the MX908 to address the continuum of emerging threats. A simple, immediately downloadable software update arms federal, military and civilian response teams for the ever-evolving threat landscape.”

In addition to Novichok detection capability, the 2.1 software release also adds new V-series agents to the MX908 CW Hunter mission mode. The MX908 can now identify seven V-series agents, HD, and several G-series agents. The 2.1 update also includes performance enhancements for CW Hunter and Explosives Hunter mission modes, and new targets in the Drug Hunter mission mode.

The software will be available in July for existing MX908 customers.

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