3M dump FRR

The claim to the 'world's most advanced respirator' has just lost a contender. 3M/Scott are no longer producing the First Responder Respirator (FRR) the export version of the UK MoD's General Service Respirator (confusingly the maintenance and resupply of this has been an Avon responsibility since 2019). CBRNe World had heard concerns from numerous FRR customers over the future of their new respirator and we posed the question to their corporate press team. 

"We can confirm that the FRR respirator has been discontinued. This decision forms part of our overall Personal Protective Equipment strategy to focus investment on our core respiratory portfolio and our Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus. 3M Scott Fire and Safety will continue to provide service support to existing customers.  We also continue to accept orders for products pursuant to the terms of existing contracts and to supply products pursuant to confirmed orders."

Avon and Airboss must be rubbing their hands and at this sudden and unexplained departure from the market of a strong competitor. 3M are as close to 'fast moving consumer goods' as you can get in CBRN, and clearly the complexity of the military respirator market, with long lead times and picky customers did not meet their business model. It's a sad day for British innovation, the team behind the mask and also the customers that felt they had bought into a vibrant respiratory protection company.  

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