20th CBRNE Command deliver leaders course

Command Sgt. Maj. Harold E. Dunn IV, the 20th CBRNE Command senior enlisted leader, said the course moulds sergeants through 1st lieutenants into tactically and technically proficient leaders who can succeed on the modern battlefield. He said the course focused on the fundamentals of leadership and countering chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats and that the first five days of the course were dedicated to each of the \"big five\" threat areas. A U.S. Army training cadre, with decades of combined combat experience, mentored students throughout the course and in addition to classroom training, the students completed a series of challenging physical events, including an obstacle course while wearing chemical suits and gas masks.

\"The course culminates with a 72-hour continuous non-permissive situational training exercise. While continually coming in contact with the enemy, the squad-sized elements must successfully execute operations in a CBRNE environment,\" said Dunn, a seasoned EOD leader from Fredericksburg, Virginia and commented that the course will expand to 14 days and include joint and allied troops in the future

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