14 Dead & Hundreds Sickened in Mystery Incident at Port

Just over a week ago reports emerged of multitudes of people presenting to hospitals in and around Keamari, Pakistan, suffering with shortness of breath, dizziness, vomitting and eye irritation. Those affected reported a malodorous smell prior to becoming unwell. This incident is being referred to as a 'gas leak' in the media, but as yet a source has not been agreed upon, or identified, by authorities. 

Some have said the leak was hydrogen sulphide, whilst others have said the illnesses being suffered were caused by a soy bean allergy casued by a cloud of dust created when shipping containers were unloaded at the local port. At present the post mortem results from the 14 people who have died are still pending, authorities are hoping these will shed more light on the cause. 

Multiple news outlets have been covering the incident, more information can be found here:


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