13 Injured in Hazmat Leak at Port of Long Beach

Twelve dock workers and a firefighter sustained minor to mild injuries after a a 6,000-gallon tank began leaking on a container ship in the Port of Long Beach. The incident was attended by the Long Beach Fire Department and U.S. Coast Guard.

The leaking chemical was identified as propyl acetate. A full response was called in comprising of a hazardous materials unit, search-and-rescue unit and paramedics as well as two Long Beach fire boats and a lifeguard rescue boat which deployed a 1,000-foot boom in the water alongside the docked ship as a precautionary measure against environmental damage. With the assistance of port staff and crane operators the leaking tank was safely removed from the ship. One worker exposed to the fumes, along with a firefighter who fell while responding to the spill, were transported to a local hospital and reported to be in a stable condition on Sunday evening. At this time the authorities do not know what cased the leak and are still investigating.

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