Evidence never lies – CBRN forensics

CBRN forensics has been a hot button topic for around six years, and there have been a variety of high profile cases that have shown the need for it. Yet CSI CBRN remains as elusive as ever, there are a wide variety of procedural, technical and judicial challenges that need to be overcome. What is the best way to explain to a jury the ramifications of what has been uncovered, how in a resource poor manner can vital evidence be safely gathered? What is the possible in the world of chemical and biological forensics – can we safely say what processes, chemicals and equipment were used to create an agent?

Bringing together a stellar line up of speakers this will provide crime scene investigators, forensic scientists and lawyers with an advanced understanding of some of the solutions to these problems. Key forces and laboratories will be able to share practical applications of knowledge.

Following the presentations there will be question and answer session where challenges and possible solutions can be discussed and further detail and insight brought to light. 

Tickets for this workshop go on sale May 1st 2021, Purchase Here

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