It’s worse than that, he’s dead, Jim – mass fatality events

We are living in a mass fatality event now, and the pressures that this is putting on health responders is enormous. Thankfully, as this is a natural event, the pressure to be able to gain vital evidence from the deceased is not essential, which means that the added political or judicial scrutiny is absent. What have we learned from Covid that we can use in a CBRN mass fatality event? Are we really ready for an incident that might leave tens of thousands dead in an instant?

Our expert speakers have spent years providing respectful services while ensuring that law enforcement have all the information that they need to catch their individual. Bringing together the best of technology, concepts and research we will examine what the post-Covid legacy will be for mass fatality events and how we can best orientate to meet it.

Following the presentations there will be question and answer session where possible mitigation or response strategies can be discussed and further detail and insight brought to light.

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