A rose by any other name - What CBRN lessons can we take from Covid

Covid has shown that no biological plan survives contact with the enemy. Even though pandemic flu had been prepared for, for decades, the impact of Covid has been staggering – as if none of these plans existed. Governments are now going to pay lip service to preparing for the next one as they hunker down and try and get their economy back in order. What needs to happen in this period to ensure that we can capture the best of Covid response, isolate the capability gaps, and understand how we can utilise this in other health emergencies – both biological and otherwise.

Bringing together some of the leading academics and clinicians we will seek to try and find signal out of the Covid noise – where can the real difference be found? How do we ensure that we all manage to work together in the future and, most importantly, bring the population with us?

Following the presentations there will be question and answer session where possible mitigation or response strategies can be discussed and further detail and insight brought to light.

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