Future of State conflict and CBRN

The multilateral disarmament policy of the 90s seems to lie in tatters. States and terrorists use chemical weapons now with seeming impunity. Radiation releases, like the one at Nyonoksa, take place regularly and the monitored releases are denied. States that have signed up to arms control are already talking about improving their current arsenal, and perhaps adding new substances to it. Terrorist groups are slowly learning about the abundance of non-conventional substances that can be suborned from universities and hospitals for malicious means. Military forces, whether in peace keeping /support or warfighting, have to be prepared for this.

What does the future of CBRN look like? Are we prepared and orientated to meet it, and how do we reinvigorate the debate, make it relevant to policy makers so that it doesn’t seem a half fermented nightmare? Bringing together a team of experts from academia and the military, multi-national organisations and other government departments this will provide new ways of thinking about the field and what we should prepare for.

Following the presentations there will be question and answer session where possible mitigation or response strategies can be discussed and further detail and insight brought to light.

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