Future of Syria - Future of Syria – What is the likely future of chemical weapons in Syria

Syria and northern Iraq have been the enfant terrible of chemical weapons use in the past ten years. From chlorine in the early days of Al Qaeda in Iraq, through to sarin and mustard used by Assad and ISIS respectively. A declaration that they had destroyed all their chemical weapons quickly proved to be false, and despite repeated air strikes and sanctions this capability might have been degraded but not destroyed. This does not include the biological weapons capability that Assad is also assumed to possess.

As a détente in Syria looks likely, we ask what the future of Syria, in regard to CBRN, will be? Can we ever see any of the perpetrators brought to account? Can we ever believe any declaration to the OPCW that they make, and how does the international community go about dismantling Syria’s weapons?

We are bringing together an expert panel that has unique insight into this subject and this will be followed by a lively question and answer session.

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