Russia's chemical weapon destruction continues

All chemical weapons at the Shchuchye facility in the Kurgan region have now been destroyed - only two sites left until complete destruction

Flaming, purging breath!

Brig. Gen. William E. King IV, the commanding general of 20th CBRNE Command (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives), was the guest speaker at the National Capital Regional Green Dragon Ball

PNNL launches sampling videos

PNNL have been doing some good work on trying to standardise sampling. They have launched a series of videos to help responders sample correctly.

Arktis keep sailing

Noble gas based neutron radiation detection company, Arktis, announced that they had sealed another couple of wins.

Chemists seek end to chemical warfare on centenary of its first use

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has issued a declaration stating their commitment to worldwide disarmament on the centenary of the first use of a chemical weapon. Chemists representing a number of international societies have also called for their 'complete


Sounding the toxin

Where is the line in speculating on CBRN devices.

RCMP arrest biochemist in Ottawa

News reports are coming in that a man suspected of travelling from Nova Scotia with potentially hazardous chemicals has been arrested at an Ottawa hotel and identified by the RCMP as a former military biochemical weapons specialist from the United States.

Down the slippery slope

The Universities of Bradford and Bath have produced a joint report highlighting how contemporary chemical and life science research may potentially be applied to the study or creation of incapacitating chemical agent weapons.

Laptop of mild concern

Last week saw the discovery of the laptop of DOOOM! So should we be worried?

Phoenix Force

20th CBRNE Command demonstrated its readiness, agility and adaptability during Exercise Atropian Phoenix.

Hotzone Solutions trains Saudi Diplomats

At the request of the Saudi Arabian National Authority for the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions, diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia received a one-week training course in The Hague

Hotzone news

Two lots of news from Hotzone Solutions

DSTL raises awareness of CDE Call

The Centre for Defence Enterprise is a mechanism by which companies can bid novel ideas into DSTL, and there is £2 million available.

Syria's toxic waste

Which way now for Syria's chemical precursors?

Nearly one month from Ghouta

After nearly a month of political activity after the events of 21 August where are we now?

Reflections on Ghouta

24 hours on from the chemical weapons attack, what reflections are there?

Attack in Ghouta?

A number of news media are picking up the 'major attack' in Ghouta this morning

Dr Julian Robinson presents detailed analysis of the Syrian CW events

Dr Julian Robinson has just published a new Harvard Sussex Program Occasional Paper (HSPOP), titled Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria. Our own Steve Johnson's article (Damascene moments) even gets a citations (in a good way!). Julian is one the genuine brains in CBW and his attention to


Call for papers for 6th CBRNE Convergence in San Diego

Poster abstracts are now being accepted for CBRNe Convergence 2013. As for 2012, speaking positions will be awarded to the abstracts deemed most scientifically and operationally interesting and worthy. Additionally there will be poster sessions and publication in CBRNe World available.


Syria's chemical war hots up?


CBRNe World has been monitoring social and mainstream media in Syria for the last year. So new allegations of CW use was not a surprise, but what does it all...

Federal Resources acquires HazMatIQ


Provider of mission critical solutions for military personnel and first responders enhances footprint in the Hazmat training arena.

CBRN in Syria risks profiteering and incompetence

Syria is an interesting beast for the CBRN community. It one of the most present threats of CBRN use in the news media - and in the midst of this strife, like all wars, there is the danger of profiteering and incompetence.

Chemical sabre rattling in Syria

There are many good opportunities to dissuade a country from using chemical weapons(CW). Generally speaking once a full blown war (civil or otherwise) is going on its starting to get a bit late

News Release


Government Of Canada invests in improved chemical detector training for the...

Using mustard to detect nerve?

In the tricky world of challenge inspections (Ed: not that we have ever had one yet) or accusations of the use of chemical weapons (Ed: Now those we have lots of!) one thorny issue has plagued many planners. What do you do if the agent has dissiminated or broken down before you get there with a


Sister Act or Nun on the run?

A UK woman who claims to be a Roman Catholic nun has been convicted of sending white powder threats to leading political figures including Nick Clegg, who she accused of being a 'devil worshipping freemason'. Further details on Bioprepwatch ...

Got gas?

Syrian turmoil generates unprecedented demand for gas masks in Israel

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