CBRN in Syria risks profiteering and incompetence

Syria is an interesting beast for the CBRN community. It one of the most present threats of CBRN use in the news media - and in the midst of this strife, like all wars, there is the danger of profiteering and incompetence.

News Release


Government Of Canada invests in improved chemical detector training for the...

Press Release: FLIR

FLIR’s Fido® X3 passes the enhanced ASTM trace explosive detection standard with flying colours

Les mots injustes

Praise is prone to falling wide of its mark, and jokes are prone to fail... Just ask Laurent Ruquier.

Joint Publication 3-41 Review

\"us A summary, by Robert Walk of the latest offering from the American Joint Staff: Joint Publication 3-41 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Consequence


CBRN commandant bids farewell

Col. Phil Visser has relinquished command of the school to his deputy and said “farewell” to the community.

20th SUPCOM news roundup

Catch up on all the recent CBRN and CBRNE news from 20th Support Command

Leaking chemical weapon amongst the clams

Milford, Delaware: Workers at a Clam processing plant, Sea Watch International, started their day with a severe shock when leaking chemical munitions were found on the assembly line. 6 people required medical treatment and 2 military assessment teams from teh US Army 20th Support Command are


True or False?

North Korea to enhance its nuclear defence capability

US North Com JTFCS News

Nation’s only standing CBRN joint task force to dedicate building in memory of New York City firefighter and U.S. Army nurse

FLIR Press Release

FLIR Systems Awarded US Army Contract Valued at Up to $38 Million to Support MEDEVAC Operations

Morpho Detection Press Release

U.K. DfT Certifies MDI Itemiser DX Explosives Trace Detector for Air Cargo Screening

DHS Handheld Radiation Detection/Identification System requirements to 2017

DHSs DNDO has released a special notice detailing a sole source procuremtn from Smiths Detection, Inc. in fiscal year (FY) 2012 at an estimated value of $3.35M. It has further noted an intention to procure on a competitive basis, a basic handheld radiation detection/identification system to


Remploy: Business as usual


Business as usual for Remploy's Frontline Textile CBRN manufacturers

A new Entente Cordiale

Will David Cameron travel to Paris for talks on a civil, as well as defence, nuclear strategy?

Two USA procurement updates

1. Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Sensor Processing Group (NBCSPG)

Awarding Authority: Department of the Army, ACC-APG SCRT - Edgewood

2. Common Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Sensor Interface (CCSI) Compliant Radiation Detector (CCRD) Technical and Engineering Support...

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