Daily Procurement Watch

French explosive detection requirement and DHS Biowatch opportunity.

Procurement opportunities

CBRNe World's latest round up of procurement opportunities. 4 main opportunities.

Check your package Sir?

Smiths land a modest contract (£346,000) for supplying baggage and explosive screening equipment to the MOD in Oxfordshire

Rapid Development of New Formulations to enable Counter-HME operations

Buried improvised explosive devices (IED), person-borne IEDs and vehicle-borne IEDs are employed against U.S. or coalition forces anywhere in the world, but especially in Afghanistan. The manufacture and transport of homemade explosives (HME) and their precursor chemicals enables these IEDs.


Nabco get into Abu Dhabi

Nabco announced that the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police had purchased three of their TCVs and other assorted equipment to 'help counter and respond to chemical, biological and explosive threats.’ The 64-GT SCS TCVs ordered allow maximum stand off distances for the public when dealing


Morpho makes it number 4

Morpho announced their fourth TSA order for their Next-Gen Itemiser DC Explosive Trace Detection System. This was the fourth delivery order under an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity order that they originally won for 1,200 Itemiser DX. The new award, worth $32 million, follows the


Take a Chair

Cassidian, the new name for European Defence giant EADS’ Defence and Security Division, announced that they have set up an Innovation Works to promote Security Research. They have also endowed a Chair of Detection Technology at Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Science, and are interested


Nabco’s TCV approved by DDESB

The Department of Defense’s Explosive Safety Board (DDESB) has approved Nabco’s Total Containment Vessels across the US military services. While the TCV has been used by various militaries for decades they feel that this seal of approval will allow greater access to their equipment, streamline


A bottom explosion

A new MO has been isolated in suicide bombers after the failed assassination of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. The suicide bomber had hidden the explosives in his anal cavity, with it presumably set off by some form of remote control (since the bomber was in a crowd at the time), and while


“He who defends everything, defends nothing” – Frederick the Great

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the alleged bomber of a Detroit plane, will put another nail into the coffin of easy air travel and spell millions of pounds/dollars/euros in improvements in airport security equipment. After attempting to ignite explosives stored in his pants (no sniggering at the


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