Arktis build on Darpa project success

Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd has announced that it has been awarded funding to carry out further work as part of a new contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) within DARPA's SIGMA Program.

Detection range of Falcon 4G confirmed by TNO using SF6

SEC Technologies had the pleasure of working with TNO, an independent CBRN research organization from Netherlands. Researchers from TNO visited the R&D facility to observe the active stand-off detector Falcon 4G in action. During these experiments Falcon 4G has showed a long detection range of


Smiths Detection’s TRACE-PRO™ now identifies the explosive - TATP

Watford, 14 September, 2016 – Smiths Detection’s newly launched TRACE-PRO™, a non-radioactive, hand-held explosive threat detector, now has the additional capability to detect and identify TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide). This was the explosive substance used in the terrorist attack in Brussels


Argon receives first Middle East CBRN PlumeSIM order

The first PlumeSIM order for the Middle East region has been received by Argon, and represents a significant milestone in the company’s growth in this important part of the world.

Arktis opens US office

Arktis Radiation Detectors has announced that it has opened a subsidiary in the United States. Named Arktis Detection Systems Inc and located in Arlington Virginia, the US subsidiary will give the company a base in America from which to support and grow its current operations.

FLIR's news

Links below to a free Flir webinar and rad guidebook

Smiths Detection news

Smiths Detection Inc. announced a $17.2 million follow-on production order from the U.S. Army for additional Joint Chemical Agent Detector (JCAD) program and the plans for an acquisition of Morpho.

Environics wins Danish contract

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, DALO, have awarded a significant four years framework contract to Environics Oy for the acquisition of chemical detectors. Environics won the contract through international tender phase and the value of the contract is approximately 3


Holy airborne chemical sensors Batman

Aerialtronics provide complete solution package with visual, thermal and chemical detectors for safety and security industry

Mighty Ajax

Smiths lands LCD contract for next generation British Army fighting vehicle chemical agent detector

R&D 100 CBRN Award winners

A whole host of CBRN companies/organisations were honoured in the R&D 100 list for 2015

Arktis to help DOE solve spent nuclear fuel storage issues

Arktis Radiation Detectors has announced that it is a supporting a new project funded by the US Department of Energy to build and demonstrate a prototype detector device capable of unambiguously verifying stored, spent nuclear fuel.

FLIR Introduces Fido X2 Handheld Explosives Trace Detector

FLIR's Fido X2 Handheld Explosives Trace Detector, a cost-effective sensing instrument with best-in-class detection sensitivity for law enforcement agencies. With an unprecedented user-friendly interface, the Fido X2 features FLIR’s proprietary TrueTrace technology to quickly and accurately


FLIR Releases Griffin 844 Desktop Trace Detector for Enhanced Security Screening

FLIR Systems, Inc. today announced the release of the Griffin 844, the latest addition to its Griffin 800-series desktop chemical trace detector product line used by security officials to screen personal belongings, parcels, cargo, skin, vehicles, and other surfaces for explosives and narcotics


Smiths Detection Launches HI-SCAN 6040C, A New Generation of X-ray

Smiths Detection launches HI-SCAN 6040C, a compact checkpoint scanner designed specifically to screen hand-carried items in the entrance areas of public buildings.

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DSEI day one highlights

DSEI is one of Europe's largest defence shows and as such is used for a number of product launches for Europe if not worldwide


Arktis Radiation Detectors has announced that it is partnering with Scionix to develop a Silicon Plastic Readout (SIPR) gamma detection technology that will significantly enhance radiation detection systems of the future. The project is being funded by Eurostars - a joint program between EUREKA


Thermo's New Line of Radiation Area Monitors

Security personnel, military teams and first responders requiring remote radiation detection and identification can now turn to two new, high-precision spectroscopy instruments that offer multiple telemetry options.

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908 Devices starts work on GCMS

908 Devices, best known for the Mass Spec, M908, have now received funding from DTRA to start work on gas chromatography too...

Berkley Nucleonics launch RD-150-G

Berkeley Nucleonics will be releasing the Model RD-150-G at the Annual HPS (Health Physics Society) Conference in Baltimore in July

Sounding the toxin

Where is the line in speculating on CBRN devices.

Arktis receives Darpa funding

Arktis Radiation Detectors has announced that the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) has approved the company to continue the development of its next generation neutron detection platform.

Bruker announces New Order from Dutch Defence Material Organisation

Bruker Receives Award of a Contract to Design, Build and Equip Three Radiological/Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicles to support Dutch Firefighters, Police and other First Responders when responding to emergencies.

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Bruker to introduce new, lightweight radiation detector at IDEX 2015

A solutions provider to the CBRNE community, Bruker Detection, will introduce the new SVG3™ lightweight radiation detector, at this year’s IDEX, Abu Dhabi.

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ARKTIS Radiation Detectors appoints Richard Rowe to its Board of Directors

Richard (Rick) Rowe brings a wealth of experience to ARKTIS and his appointment comes at an exciting time for the Zurich-based manufacturer of radiation detection systems. The company has recently received a contract from DARPA to develop the next generation of neutron detectors and has just


Bruker De-tector passes ECAC

The Bruker Detection division today announced that the DE-tector has successfully met the new European Civil Aviation Conference's (ECAC) Common Evaluation Process of Security Equipment (CEP) for airport checkpoint screening of passengers and baggage

Inficon breaks new ground

Inficon announced that they were moving out from New York, and were instead moving to... New York!

Giving you the Radeye

Thermo Scientific announce their new RadEye SPRD (Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector) for rad detection and identification

Assault and battery

UK Civil Aviation Authority awards contract to Rapiscan to detect lithium batteries in air cargo

Funding news

While we might not be seeing a return to the grant funding 'boom' times, we are seeing a activity in grant funding... sadly, for first responders at least, it is getting less.

Prophesying the result?

Bertin's Second Sight stand off detector is being used in the FIFA World Cup

Raising our standards

Falcon Consultancy provide the new ASTM Standard for explosive trace detectors

A la mode

Arktis deploy their Modes_SNM at ports and borders.

Why we ask

If you are every involved in a situation where you are going to be engaged in reachback, especially rad reachback, this is what you are likely to be asked - so make sure you have these answers first.

Falcon helps beat the habit

Falcon Consultancy & Cranfield University include Schedule One narcotics to their narcotics detector testing and evaluation portfolio

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