Will EU sanctions on Iran work?

Will oil sanctions stall, prevent, or exacerbate Iran's nuclear programme?

The European Union (EU)’s decision to ratchet up sanctions against Iran raises tensions between Iran and the West, but is unlikely to dent Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear technologies.On Monday 23rd January the EU announced a ban on Iranian oil...

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Bioterror fears suspend H5N1 research

Looking at the potential duality of H5N1 research use.

You will all recall H5N1: the highly pathogenic subtype of the influenza A virus, commonly referred to as 'bird flu’ or 'avian influenza’. “The H5N1 virus subtype”, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “first infected humans in 1997 during a...

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Anchors aweigh down Mexico way.

SEMAR detains another shipment of methylamine in Lazaro Cardenas.

The Mexican Navy (SEMAR) this week seized 195 metric tonnes of methylamine at the port of Lazaro Cardenas in south-western Michoacán, Mexico. This recent seizure contributes yet another chapter to a prevailing narrative within the region, characterised by almost weekly seizures...

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Daily Procurement Watch

French explosive detection requirement and DHS Biowatch opportunity.

Paris: explosives detection system


Request to participate through

OJEU Ref: (12/S 18-29327/EN)

Tenders must be in French and are due by 13.2.2012 - 12:00

DHS Office of Health Affairs- BioWatch Quality Assurance, Testing, and Verification and Validation Program

POC Tamara Kelley and Tisha...

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JPM-TMT RFIs for Infectious disease prediction and Handheld Pathogen identification


Request for information released for two capabilities. Click to see more.

JPM-TMT has issued the following Requests for Information (RFI):

Capability to Predict Infectious Disease Outbreaks (TMT-Predictive
Systems): Information regarding predictive methods capable of
identifying the probability of when and where an infectious outbreak
could appear weeks to months prior to...

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Procurement opportunities

CBRNe World's latest round up of procurement opportunities. 4 main opportunities.

CBRNe Technical Expertise and Support Click here
This is not a solicitation, or an announcement of a solicitation. This is a 'Sources Sought' action only, for FEMA.
Alfredia G. Allen, Contract Specialist, Phone 202-646-3908, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maritime Explosives Detection Click here

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Two USA procurement updates

1. Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Sensor Processing Group (NBCSPG)

Awarding Authority: Department of the Army, ACC-APG SCRT - Edgewood2. Common Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Sensor Interface (CCSI) Compliant Radiation Detector (CCRD) Technical and Engineering Support Services Awarding Authority: Department of the Army, ACC-APG SCRT - Edgewood

1: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Sensor...

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Sensor Processing Group presolicitation

The Army Contracting Command - Aberdeen Proving Ground Edgewood Division (CCAP - SCE) located at APG, Maryland 21010-5401 on behalf of the Joint Program Manager, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Contamination Avoidance intends to award a Firm Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract for the purpose of acquiring Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Sensor Processing...

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Rapid Development of New Formulations to enable Counter-HME operations

Buried improvised explosive devices (IED), person-borne IEDs and vehicle-borne IEDs are employed against U.S. or coalition forces anywhere in the world, but especially in Afghanistan. The manufacture and transport of homemade explosives (HME) and their precursor chemicals enables these IEDs. JIEDDO is seeking focused, short-term (i.e. 3-6 months) studies that...

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