Beirut 'lucky' to escape a second explosion

Michael Wentler, a chemical expert managing Combi Lift's Beirut operation, has said Lebanon only escaped a second chemical inferno by chance. He commented that thousands of litres of dangerous substances stored in decaying containers for more than a decade at the port had turned the area into a minefield of chemical hazards.

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NETEC Webinar Series: COVID-19

With the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic, the NETEC is committed to providing facilities with the tools to educate healthcare workers and share preparedness best practices. In this webinar series, we will highlight subject matter experts who have been immersed in the many challenges and topics around COVID-19. Continuing education credits provided...

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Tickets for first 3 CBRNe World workshops now live

Tickets for our first 2 workshops are now availalable to purchase on EventBrite, i dream of ANFO, and Future of Syria.

I dream of ANFO - a virtual workshop Virtual workshop looking at some of the most recent and notorious ammonium nitrate explosions including Beirut, West Texas and Beirut, West and...

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Experts call for action on chemical and biological security governance after the pandemic

A new report by six leading experts warns that the international treaties intended to protect the world against the threats of chemical and biological weapons, are in urgent need of strengthening.

The report, Biological and Chemical Security After COVID-19: Options for Strengthening the Chemical and Biological Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Regimes highlights the...

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Introducing the TacticID Mobile

B&W Tek are excited to introduce the TacticID Mobile, the newest addition to their TacticID family of handheld Raman products for police, first responders and security personnel to rapidly identify unknown samples in the field. This 1064-nm Raman has an ergonomic design with a large touchscreen and display for even...

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Former high court judge to preside over Dawn Sturgess inquest

According to an article in The Guardian, retired high court judge Lady Heather Hallett is to take over the inquest of Dawn Sturgess, after her family successfully challenged the way in which a local coroner had planned to limit the scope of the inquest

The original Wiltshire and Swindon coroner asserted...

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Ohio Attorney General Agencies Deploy 908 Devices Handheld Mass Spec Device to Aid Law Enforcement Cases Involving Illicit Drugs

908 Devices, a pioneer of purpose-built handheld and desktop mass spec devices for chemical and biomolecular analysis, today announced the critical role of its MX908 – a handheld, battery-powered, mass spectrometry device – for the Ohio Attorney General Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission (OOCIC). The MX908 provides reliable investigative information in...

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U.S. House of Representatives releases report on toxic heavy metals in baby foods

On November 6, 2019, following reports alleging high levels of toxic heavy metals in baby foods, the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy requested internal documents and test results from seven of the largest manufacturers of baby food in the United States, including both makers of organic and conventional products. 

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OPEC CBRNe anti-viral PPE coverall offers comprehensive covid-19 protection

Specialist UK based CBRNe garment manufacturer, OPEC CBRNe, has today released a new antiviral PPE coverall, which is targeted for COVID-19 protection.

The all-in-one garment, known as the Viper-Type 4, is a reusable coverall offering protection against contaminated liquids, aerosol particulates, blood and blood borne pathogens, and viruses such as...

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Busy year for German DRF Luftrettung with massive demand for safe corona transport

Last year DRF Luftrettung performed 662 coronavirus missions, with 330 patients transported by air. Their EpiShuttles play an important role in their comprehensive hygiene concept and are investments in the safety and health of both patients and crew.

2020 turned out exceptionally busy for German DRF Luftrettung, one of the largest air rescue organizations...

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