Turkmenistan to build new virology lab?

From Khronika Turkmenistana Website 14 Sep 2020

President [of Turkmenistan] Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the construction site of a sanatorium in Ak Bugday District's Bagabat village on 13 September. The construction of the sanatorium for 200 beds became known in autumn 2017.

The head of a construction company [its name was not disclosed] met the head of state and reported on the ongoing work. During his visit to the facility being constructed, the president ordered the construction of a scientific and clinical centre of virology, bacteriology and epidemiology there, the TDH state news agency reports.

"The centre's aim be will to study the negative impact of the Aral [Sea] crisis on the environment in the region and the people's health as well as well to reduce this impact and prevent diseases caused by it," the head of state said.

Berdimuhamedov learned about the landscaping and design of the sanatorium and recommended using national motifs in its design. In accordance with the president's instruction, the facility's architecture should fit into the surrounding landscape, and the 22-km-long road leading to it should meet international standards.

It should be recalled that the Turkmen authorities continue to deny the presence of coronavirus in the country. The mask regime and other preventive measures were introduced allegedly because of the negative impact of dust coming from the Aral Sea area.

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