Dew point

DEW Engineering to supply CBRN Decontaminating Systems to Canadian Armed Forces

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Best present ever

GIFT CBRN, Generic Integrated Forensic Toolbox for CBRN incidents, starts in Den Haag. A series of training modules, technology and research projects being developed for law enforcement, CSI and forensics professionals

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Phoenix Force

20th CBRNE Command demonstrated its readiness, agility and adaptability during Exercise Atropian Phoenix.

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Being decisive

20th CBRNE Command are integrating into decisive action training rotations at the U.S. Army combat training centers. Effectively this means being able to demonstrated the task force's ability to respond to CBRNE hazards in support of combat operations.

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Y, oh Y!

Hotzone Technologies, the trading and commercial arm of Hotzone Solutions Group, and Y-Max, Inc. signed an agreement for the distribution of Hotzone Solutions’ chemical warfare simulation agents and its associated decontamination-training products.

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Steris awarded JSF decon

JPEO CBD awarded a single source contract to Steris for specialized engineering and technical services to support the JSF decon systems

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CBR Mass Casualty/Patient Decontamination RFI

The U.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity (USAMSSA), in conjunction with the Joint Requirements Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense (JRO-CBRND), is seeking information on products, technologies, and approaches that support the mass casualty/patient...

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Test Proves LPD 17 Class Safe in Chemical Warfare Environment - Test Proves LPD 17 Class Safe in Chemical Warfare Environment

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News Release


Government Of Canada invests in improved chemical detector training for the...

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UK CBRN call for proposals


This month's issue of CBRNe World contains an article from the UK Centre for Defence Enterprise on calls for proposals for hazard management. Further details in the main article.

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Multiple CBRN contracts released

Contracts released for radiation detection equipment via the European Instrument for stability, decontamination and chemical detection equipment for Australian DOD, Customs and Borders. Further details in the main main news item (click on the title)

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Utilis Iberica News

UTILIS IBERICA awarded a first contract of CBRN Individual Protection Material by Spanish Armed Forces

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DRS get transportable decon contract

Natick Contracting Division awarded a $32.4 million contract to DRS Technology to provide small scale, joint service, transportable decontamination systems for non-sensitive equipment and facilities.

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Aircraft decon

Cristanini have been performing a range of tests on decontaminating a C130J and this has allowed them to announce that each 'J’ required 20kg of BX40, and that it took two hours to do a complete decontamination.


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