Call for papers for 6th CBRNE Convergence in San Diego

Poster abstracts are now being accepted for CBRNe Convergence 2013. As for 2012, speaking positions will be awarded to the abstracts deemed most scientifically and operationally interesting and worthy. Additionally there will be poster sessions and publication in CBRNe World available.


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Campaign to keep foremost Syrian analysis blog running

The Brown Moses Blog has now become a highly respected source of information, both on the UK phone hacking scandal and the conflict in Syria being used by media organisations such as:

BBC, NY Times, and many more.

Its currently run for free by a great friend of CBRNe World and we are...

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Syria's chemical war hots up?


CBRNe World has been monitoring social and mainstream media in Syria for the last year. So new allegations of CW use was not a surprise, but what does it all...

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Press Release: FLIR

FLIR’s Fido® X3 passes the enhanced ASTM trace explosive detection standard with flying colours

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Conference still goes ahead

CBRNe World

Conference still going ahead despite Hurricane Sandy. There is disruption to flights into Norfolk, we’d suggest avoiding Newark and NYC as hubs and aiming for Dulles or Charlotte. Driving from DC if you are coming in to the hub is wet, but we drove the route last night and it was...

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CBRNe World become media partner for SISPAT 2012.

CBRNe World is proud to announce that they have become the official media partner for Singapore's dedicated CBRN event. \"We have worked closely with SISPAT for the past few editions,\" said Gwyn Winfield, Editor of CBRNe World, \"so it made sense to partner with Singapore Technologies...

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Les mots injustes

Praise is prone to falling wide of its mark, and jokes are prone to fail... Just ask Laurent Ruquier.

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Masking a good cause

\"cbrnBe a hit at your Halloween party with the CBRNe World 'Rio’ CBRN masks! The 31st of October, at CBRNe Convergence, (...

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20th SUPCOM commander earns second star


(Left) Gen. David M. Rodriguez, commander, U.S. Army Forces Command, administers the oath to newly promoted Maj. Gen. Leslie C. Smith, commander, 20th Support Command (CBRNE), during a...

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Joint Publication 3-41 Review

\"us A summary, by Robert Walk of the latest offering from the American Joint Staff: Joint Publication 3-41 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Consequence


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New issue of CBRNe world available


The new artifcle and news packed issue is available online (free registration required) with reviews of Australian, UK and Korean CBRN spending and programmes, Analysis...

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UK CBRN call for proposals


This month's issue of CBRNe World contains an article from the UK Centre for Defence Enterprise on calls for proposals for hazard management. Further details in the main article.

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CBRNe World Charity Auction


An auction of carnival masks, designed for the CBRNe South America conference this year will take place on 31st October at CBRNe Convergence in Norfolk, VA. Bids will be taken on...

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Mopping up the spillage


Roughly 3,500 tonnes of ammonium nitrate go missing each year in India, and the level of supply is reaching record highs in Afghanistan. Are these facts connected?

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Optimetrics acquired by DCS Corps

\"\"Optimetrics, the well known CBRNE software company has been acquired by DCS Corp a high technology engineering company whose CBRN portfolio is heavily increased by the addition.

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Leaking chemical weapon amongst the clams

Milford, Delaware: Workers at a Clam processing plant, Sea Watch International, started their day with a severe shock when leaking chemical munitions were found on the assembly line. 6 people required medical treatment and 2 military assessment teams from teh US Army 20th Support Command are


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