Encircle at Eurosatory

To improve its resilience to new CBRN attacks and threats, the EU needs a specialized, competitive, efficient, and sustainable industry. Capitalizing on its experience in the EDEN Demonstration Project, other CBRN relevant projects, and in the CBRN market and supply chain, the European Innovation for the CBRN Market Cluster (ENCIRCLE) consortium proposes an innovative approach to reach this goal in a short to long term perspective. Once achieved it will allow SMEs and large industries to deliver and invest in the best innovations on the market.

As part of Eurosatory 2018 a series of demonstrations and conferences were held focusing on CBRN, at which the Encircle project was invited to participate on Wednesday 13 June. Encircle has now been operational for one year, and Eurosatory provided a perfect venue for us to present what has been achieved in that time.

Over the course of an hour Encircle consortium representatives from Ouvry, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), and Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNS), presented the audience with an overview of the project, its objectives, and the results obtained so far. There was also an interactive demonstration of the Encircle Dynamic Catalogue and explained how it is a platform for industry and technological providers to shocase European CBRN capability as well as provide a knowledge source for practitioners and policy makers, and how the benefits for those who join could be innumerous.

One of the objectives of Encircle is to encourage the creation of, and facilitate the successful continuation of other CBRN projects, from the research stage to market place. As part of the presentation at Eurosatory we introduced two new projects we are working with, Eu-Sense and Terriffic. Supported by their consortium representatives the projects were introduced to the audience and project overviews delivered. Project Terriffic will be focussing on creating tools for early and effective reconnaissance in CBRNe incidents providing first responders faster Information and enabling better management of the control zone. Project Eu-Sense is a direct response to the Encricle Project’s Part b RIA call and will be aiming to design and development of a sensor network system, which will allow for improved chemical detection.

Tags: Detection, Threat, CBRNe, Chemical

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