Serstech introduces Serstech Rental

Starting today, Serstech is offering its customers the option to rent complete solutions for chemical identification. The solutions include instruments, substance libraries, software and accessories and allow police, border control and other customer groups to quickly increase their capabilities and efficiency.

The additional value a rental solution provides are flexibility, reduced risk, no upfront investment and a much faster way to get access to modern technology. Before Serstech Rental, it could take years from when a customer became interested in Raman until they had the instruments deployed in the field. With the much quicker and far less complex rental option, the same customer will have access to state-of-the-art Raman solutions within weeks.

“The main obstacle for customers who want to buy a Raman device today is the size of the initial investment. In addition, customers need to spend considerable effort on the complex and time-consuming public tender process. By introducing this industry-first rental program, we solve both these problems for our customers”, says Serstech CEO Stefan Sandor.

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