President of EcoHealth Alliance Possibly Targeted with Suspicious Envelope

It has been reported that the President of EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit non-governmental organization that supports various programs on global health, has received an envelope containing white powder at his home. 

It has been reported by News 12 Westchester that the home of Peter Daszack was attended by fire and hazmat teams to investigate the contents of the envelope. There is no news yet as to what the contents of the envelope is, and the FBI has said they are investigating. 

EcoHealth Alliance has worked on many important projects over the years including monitoring disease outbreak hotspots, Rift Valley Fever, Nipah Virus, and setting up much needed biosurvellance networks around the world. Most recently the organisation has become more well known outside of scientific circles due to the work they have done over many years on coronaviruses in bat populations. 

Some theories (read conspiraceis) have been made about the work of EcoHealth Alliance in the "documentary" Plandemic II: Indoctornation, whether this incident has anything to do with what was said in this programme is unknown, but the timing seems somewhat suspicious. 

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