New Programme for High Intensity CBRN

The Russian invasion of Ukraine set in play a wide variety of second order effects that will have massive ramifications for Nato, and other nations. One of these is the expectation of an offensive use of CBRN weapons against Nato nations, a return to a Cold War mentality. The old scenario of terrorists using small amounts of toxic industrial chemicals needs to be re-appraised and forces need to also prepare for gallons of agent and 'fighting dirty.' 

We have brought together a range of experts from Nato nations to talk about their CBRN capability developments as they prepare for future conflict. Their presentations will span the challenges for military and civil society, from accidental releases (such as 'overs' from a neighbouring conflict), to assassinations using exotic toxic substances through totargeting of significant military and civlian infrastructure and individuals. 

In addition to two days of presentations and lectures, we have an exhibition of over 30 companies showcasing the latest technology in protective ensembles, detection and medical countermeasures. Book your place by click this link  


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