I dream of Anfo - Beirut, West Texas, and Toulouse ammonium nitrate explosions

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The I dream of ANFO workshop will be looking at the Beirut, West Texas, and Toulouse ammominum nitrate explsions, and features presentations from and disscussions with experts and thsoe involved in the incidents, including:

Dr Shawky Eddine, Prehospital healthcare specialist, Assistant EMS Director for Training and Quality Lebanese Red Cross. Dr Eddine is currently acting as LRC director for learning and development, Assistant EMS director for training and quality and COVID19 Response coordinator. 

Dory Nakhle, CBRNe Expert and focal person, Lebanese Red Cross. 

LCOL Christophe Libeau, Adjoint au chef du Bureau, Sapeur Pompier de Paris. Lieutenant-Colonel Libeau have been serving at the Paris Fire Brigade, military unit, for 27 years and as the Senior Hazmat and CBRN Technical and Operational Advisor since 2016. 

Christian Pizzacaro, (Ret) ICM (Interventions √† Caract√®re Multiple) at 2001 Toulouse/AZF explosion. Christian was the Senior Incident Manager of the operations faced to the ANFO explosion in AZF chemical facilities in Toulouse, France on September the 21th of 2001. 

Manuel 'Manny' Ehrlich, nominated by President Barack Obama to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board in January of 2014 and served on the board until 2019. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Ehrlich spent over 50 years in the chemical industry in a variety of positions. 

Dr Samantha Ollerton, Chief Executive Officer GreyScan.

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