Everything is Converging!

Deb Rosenblum, assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical and biological program, recently hopped on the  convergence bandwagon by announcing something called 'bio-convergence.' National Defence magazine quoted her speech from the recent NDIA CBRN conference; "“Technologies like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and physics are being applied to the life sciences, creating what the national security community is calling ‘bio-convergence.’” .

This threat is going to resuilt in an addiitonal $300m in biodefence, following on from the biological posture review that we talked about in the December issue of the magazine. Genetically targeted diseases have also been in the news as part of this bio-convergence, with concerns that they could target food security and subsections of the population. People like the FBI's Ed You (see CBRNe World 2017-4) have been worried about China harvesting data for years, and while there is something to be concerned about the findings of Project Coast, and other attempts to create weapons that only target certain genetic sequences, are still likely to hold true - that any such weapon would have massive blowback, we are not as genetically 'pure' as we think we are.  

Any increase in CBRN funding can only be a good thing, I just hope it isn't wasted in bloated bureaucracy!


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