DEVCOM CBC posthumously inducts William Klein into their Hall of Fame

The CBC Hall of Fame is designed to recognize and preserve the rich history of the organization. “It is a place where we honor the achievements of our most illustrious and outstanding individuals, and Bill is most certainly worthy of being counted among that number,” said DEVCOM CBC Director Dr. Eric L. Moore.

Klein served as deputy or associate director of engineering at DEVCOM CBC for 25 years across several organization name changes and at least 12 directors both acting and permanent. He managed more than 500 members of the Center workforce and provided leadership in efforts to design, build, test and support the acquisition and sustainment of chemical biological defense systems. Klein died suddenly on Feb. 25, 2020.

“Bill was a friend to everyone. He was patriotic and a dedicated civil servant. He was known as a trusted advisor, confidante and leader. He loved the people of this organization,” Moore said. “It is a great honor to announce Bill’s induction to the CBC Hall of Fame.”

Klein was a champion of many CBC workforce programs such as Women in Leadership, Black Engineer of the Year, Balanced Scorecard, Seal of Excellence, Fit-to-Win, APG Cohort, and Workforce Engagement Teams. He made significant contributions within individual protection, collective protection and chemical detection across development, production and sustainment. He was also awarded the Special Award for Distinguished Service from the Executive Office of the White House and was inducted into the Chemical Corps Regimental Association Honorary Order of the Dragon. His leadership and contributions throughout his career helped to drive the evolution of chemical and biological defense within the DoD and the nation.

“This means everything to my family,” said Klein’s son, Justin Klein. “The Chemical Biological Center was just as important to my dad as his actual family. Everything he did was for CBC.”

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