Tomáš Dropa

Ing. Tomáš Dropa, Director at the National Institute for NBC Protection

Since 1994 he  has worked at the Hygiene Institute Příbram as a specialist for GC-MS analyses, later was appointed head of the Laboratory and head of Chemistry Department. In 2001, Tomas joined the National Institute for NBC Protection (SUJCHBO) and as a researcher and chief of Laboratory of Toxic Compounds he focused on applied R&D as well as testing and evaluation of protective means and decontamination. As a chief of SUJCHBO mobile laboratory team he was responsible for on-site operations and other supportive activities provided to support activity of Integrated Rescue System (IRS) and/or OPCW under Article X of the Chemical Weapons Convention. As chief-instructor and trainer he was in charge in training and educational courses organized for IRS, OPCW state parties as well as for other customers coming from security community.

In 2017, Tomas Dropa was appointed director of the National Institute for NBC Protection.

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