Per-Erik Johansson

Per-Erik Johansson is presently the Director for the European CBRNE center at Umea University. The center was started 2008 and is based on members from national organizations interested in and with expertise in CBRN. The members besides the university are: the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the National CBRN Defence Centre, the City of Umea, the Swedish Police, the regional health care organisation and the Swedish Fortification Agency. The aim for the centre is to maintain the knowledge and to develop new knowledge in the CBRN area for security and safety. Often focused on societal security.

The centre has been active in several European CBRN(E) projects during the years, both as coordinators and participants. Among those projects are: CBRNEmap, PRACTICE, EDEN but also projects on training and education like CELECTIVE or recently MELODY.

Mr Johansson is a trained atmospheric physicist and started with FOI as a researcher on dispersion of C, B or RN material. After that he became the Project Manager for that wok at FOI and later had a broader responsibility in societal security based on several expertise within FOI. After a period at the Swedish Fire Research Board, he returned to the CBRN area in 2015 at the University in Umea.

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