Maj. Zita Unzeitug

Major Zita Unzeitig works as a CBRN Staff Officer at Force Development Division, Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, Prague. Her CBRN-related responsibilities cover technological and materiel part of development the CZE Land Forces capabilities, participation in CBRN capability gaps identification and CBRN Knowledge Management activities, especially focused on CBRN Advice / Warning and Reporting. She took part in NRF at different CBRN positions throughout the years and actually she is a national delegate of Doctrine and Terminology Panel, NATO JCBRND Capability Development Group since 2018.

On graduation at the University of Defence, specialization Military Chemistry, major Zita Unzeitig started military career as a Chief of Radiological Laboratory, CBRN Defence Regiment. Her next steps led to Military Healthy Institute to gain more experience in biological-related risks. Later on her military career turned to CBRN Knowledge Management area and was closely tied with CBRN Warning and Reporting Centre in Hostivice, where she was finally appointed as a Deputy Chief.

Operations: Chemical Unit, KAIA, ISAF Operation – Chief of CBRN Deployable Laboratory, 2009

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