Dr Mirosław Maziejuk

Dr Mirosław Maziejuk is a specialist in the detection of chemical contamination. Since 1985 he has been working in the field of CBRN, mostly concentrating on the detection of chemical contamination in the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry. In 1995 he gained a doctorate in the field of detection and determination of the parameters of nuclear explosions. Since 1998, he has been developing a signalling device for chemical and radioactive contamination for systems used in shelters.

In 2020, after publishing a number of works in the field of detection and construction using differential ion mobility spectrometry, he was promoted to the rank of Institute Professor (WIChiR). Currently, he works at Pimco, a company with over 30 years of experience in the CBRN field, where he supervises the Development Department’s work on chemical detectors in contamination detection systems, with particular emphasis on the possibility of their use in armoured personnel carriers and tanks.

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