Col. Zdzislaw Salamonowicz

Col. Dr Eng Zdzisław Salamonowicz serves as the Vice Rector for Education and Students at The Main School of Fire Service (MSFS) in Warsaw in Poland. Associated with the Department of Chemical and Ecological Rescue and the Department of Rescue Operations at MSFS.

Zdzisław Salamonowicz is a graduate of the MSFS (master engineer in fire safety engineering), Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology (engineer in chemical technology, specialization - high-energetic materials and chemical processes safety) and the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering of the Lodz University of Technology (doctor in technical sciences in the field of chemical engineering, specialization – chemical process safety).

Related with hazmat, both the preventive and operational side. Co-author of national courses and training programs in the area of HAZMAT and CBRN. Manager and contractor in over 30 research and development projects, author and co-author of over 150 publications and conference presentations, author and co-author of over 40 studies commissioned by the chemical industry in the area of process safety and the SEVESO directive. A member of national and international expert teams covering the issues of HAZMAT, CBRN and process safety.

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