• High Intensity CBRN 2023

    High Intensity CBRN 2023

    28 - 30 June - Warsaw, Poland 


High Intensity CBRN 2023

28 - 30 June 2023

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 was the end of a prelude that had begun a long time ago. Nato, and allied nations, need to prepare for a potential use of CBRN weapons that belonged to a different age.

How do military, and first responder, forces prepare for the kinds of mission sets where gallons, rather than millilitres of agent are the order of the day? Where population centres are targeted, and military and civilian forces need to work together to save the lives of thousands of people unprepared for this kind of eventuality?

The event will have a pre-conference decontamination workshop, and a two day conference and exhibition, and  provide insight into the kinds of scenarios that forces need to prepare for, and help them develop a blueprint to  managing them.

Each nation will give two presentations, the first on their current capability (0-3years) and a second, academic one, that forecasts out to the medium term (5-10 years).

Held at the Military Academy of Technology (WAT) in the center of Warsaw, a city and country that will be on thefront line of any escalation of threat, this will be THE thought leadership CBRN event of 2023.

Key Speakers

Gwyn Winfield, editor of CBRNe World magazine and the conference programme organizer is currently in the process of inviting CBRNE experts from a range of agencies and organizations as conference speakers chosen for their insight, knowledge and practical experience to provide delegates with important lessons learned allowing shortcuts to best practice.

Military University of Technology 

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