Katleen De Meulenaere

Katleen De Meulenaere is the Technical Manager of the CBRN Laboratories of DLD (Belgian Defence Laboratories).  She has 25 years of experience in CBRN. Her department works in the field of detection, sampling, sample preparation, OPCW designated identification, protection, hazard management and screening of suspect samples.  

She organized and coordinated the final European GIFT (Generic Integration of a Forensic Toolbox in case of CBRN incidents) field trial in Belgium. 

She participates in the NATO Joint CBRN Defence Capability Development Group. 

She is the chairperson of an interdepartmental working group between Defence and Federal Police on CBRN forensics and is involved in the scientific education and training of CBRN Forensic specialists for both parties. She participates in a working group on the implementation of the multidisciplinary cooperation within the CBRNe terrorist threat terrorism emergency plan coordinated by the new CBRNe Expertise Centre of the Crisis Centre of the Belgian government. 

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