As one of the leading industry events of the year, the conference brings together some of the most prestigious companies from around the globe.

Our thanks go to our main platinum, gold and silver sponsors - with more information on other exhibitors added each week below.  If you're interested in exhibiting, please get in touch with our team via the contact page here.

BioFire DefensePlatinum Sponsor

BioFire Defense
Platinum Sponsor

At BioFire Defense we deliver a fully integrated suite of biological agent identification products, including the FilmArray, and RAZOR EX Systems to the biodefense and first responder community. Known for its history of releasing innovative instruments, BioFire Defense produced the first ruggedized PCR-based instrument in 1999, making possible lab quality results in the field. Our systems are able to identify dozens of the most lethal viruses and bacteria, including emerging infectious diseases. The easy-to-use, syringe-loaded system represents the next generation in automated detection systems.

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ProenginGold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Proengin develops and manufactures biological and chemical warfare agents field detectors using flame spectrometry:  AP4C-handheld chemical detector for CWA, TICS and NTAs, AP4C-V aboard wheeled, tracked, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) reconnaissance vehicles, AP4C-F for critical buildings and ships, MAB-for biological alarm, AP4C-VB and AP4C-FB for simultaneous Chemical and Biological detection.  Please visit us at www.proenginusa.com or www.proengin.com.

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CristaniniSilver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Since 1972, Cristanini has been creating and manufacturing innovative top-quality solutions that, today, enjoy a widespread appreciation and worldwide recognition.

Cristanini extensive product range for civil/industrial, military and fire-fighting sectors reaches unprecedented technological sophistication and adaptability.

Cristanini systems are reliable, ruggedized and simple. Cristanini is NATO constructor A5009 since 1987, it has ISO 9001:2015 company quality system and, above all, is AQAP 2110 product quality certified.

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Rapiscan SystemsSilver Sponsor

Rapiscan Systems
Silver Sponsor

Since 1993, Rapiscan Systems has installed over 100,000 products in more than 100 countries. Our experts will help find the perfect security solution for your needs. When searching for potential bomb making materials an advanced explosives trace detector is critical. The Rapiscan Detectra is an advanced hand-held ETD system designed to detect a wide range of explosives.

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BlücherBronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Since its foundation in 1969, the Blücher group has maintained its high ethical and technological standards. Blücher is the leading company in the development and production of adsorptive compound materials for the protection against chemical and biological warfare agents. Blücher’s SARATOGA® technology is established in over 53 nations worldwide, including 22 out of 29 NATO states and the OPCW inspectors. To date, over 12.2 million SARATOGA® protective suits have been delivered to customers all over the world.

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