04 - 06 March 2020

CBRNe World comes to Jakarta!

                                                     In association with Homeland Security (HLS) Indonesia 

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Indonesia is both the world’s largest Muslim country and has the world’s third largest city (Jakarta with an amazing 31.5m people) and is also the largest economy in South East Asia. Despite having done enormous work in poverty reduction there is still a subset of radicalised individuals that are wedded to terrorism and attacking individuals throughout Indonesia. In May 2019, for example, 18 people were arrested on bomb making charges, with six men that had been part of ISIS in the Middle East. While Indonesia has been the most fervent driver in nuclear security in the region, chairing the Non Aligned Members (NAM) and also being one of the earliest nations to sign the CTBT, it has also spent the past four years revising their hazardous materials regulations, which are still not yet published, which makes it far easier for terrorists to get their hands on chemicals for bomb making or toxic industrial chemical attacks. With over 17,000 islands in Indonesia there are also relatively porous borders, and with many of those islands not having active law enforcement there are opportunities for devices to be created that can then be emplaced in major cities.

With such a dynamic threat environment it is no surprise that both the Indonesia Police and the Army are actively taking steps to defeat the risk of CBRN in the region and improve their detection, mitigation and protection against these devices. Spending on security is rising generally, with expenditure expected to increase from US$6.4 Billion in 2018 to US$9.6 Billion in 2022 and funding is expected to rise in CBRN too. 

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As such CBRNe World has partnered with the leading homeland security and defence event in Indonesia, HLS Indonesia to bring together a group of experts that can discuss the challenges that the region faces and propose solutions to deal with them. HLS Indonesia will bring together over 2,000 people from 15 countries together to an event supported by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, The National Counter Terrorist Agency and the Indonesia National Police. The 5th and the 6th of March will also have a dedicated CBRN conference and exercise space that will allow delegates to gather and learn from some of the best in the region and also to see practical demonstrations of capability from local agencies and suppliers.

We will post information soon on how to register as a FREE delegate. To enquire after the remaining exhibition space, email james.ross@cbrneworld.net or david.levitt@cbrneworld.net 


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