Malcolm Dando

Professor Dando trained originally as a biologist (B.Sc and PhD at St. Andrews University, Scotland).  After post-doctoral studies in the United States (University of Michigan and University of Oregon) he held UK Ministry of Defence funded fellowships in Operational Research at the University of Sussex during the 1970s. Since then he has worked on arms control and disarmament, particularly on chemical and biological issues (DSc. University of Bradford).  In recent years this work has been focused on awareness raising and education of life scientists in regard to dual use and biosecurity, for example in the Royal Society Brain Waves module on Neuroscience, conflict and security. He is a Fellow of the UK Society of Biology.

Yael Kadman

Yael Kadman is a Paramedic, Deputy Director of Emergency Management Department and CBRNe Specialist at MDA Headquarters, Operation Division.

Kadman began her career in Magen David Adom, which provides Israel’s pre-hospital emergency medical needs including disaster, ambulance and blood services, as a youth volunteer in 1995.
She worked as a paramedic since 2007, and has been in her current position since 2016.

She returned to the IDF, as a Home Front Command (HFC) Officer, serving between the years 2009-2015 and took part in writing and implementing work processes and emergency preparedness for the HFC and municipal council, policy representation in unconventional events, leading and reclamation of live agents training, military headquarters training, development projects, and collaborations with government agencies and various emergency organizations in Israel and worldwide.

Her responsibilities include basic and advanced emergency preparedness and non-conventional training for MDA employees and volunteers, helping in development of training programs and continuing emergency preparedness and non-conventional education programs, representing MDA in national and international TTX and exercises, learning sessions and professional working groups.

Brian Clesham

Commissioned into the Royal Gurkha Rifles, Brian Clesham spent 10 years of his service in South East Asia and the Far East, initially learning the language and culture of Gurkha soldiers while undertaking welfare work in the Himalayas. He was the former Chief of British Army CBRN from 2006 - 2010 and Chief of Staff of the UK’s Defence CBRN Centre during its post 9/11 expansion to incorporate training for the Police, Transport Police, Fire and Ambulance services. He has been responsible for briefing the Chief of Staff of the Army on CBRN matters and custodian for the CBRN deployment instruction for UK Joint Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, while holding the Land Forces portfolio for CBRN policy, doctrine, training and capability development including in the provision of the future generation of respiratory protection for the UK Armed Forces. He was the author and custodian of the Concept of Operations for the UK’s Joint CBRN Regiment on its formation and has supported the UK MoD, US DoD and UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office in senior NATO and OPCW counter-proliferation forums. He has held peacekeeping, law enforcement, counter terrorism and counter insurgency portfolios, primarily within the UN and NATO, while addressing the transformation of the defence and security environment and specifically its impact on countering-CBRN at home and overseas.

Brian has been published in several international defence and security journals, chaired international CounterCBRN conferences and is a graduate of the NATO Defence College.

He is currently a consultant and integrator of Counter-CBRN capability solutions.

Gaëtan Boireau

Lieutenant Colonel Gaëtan Boireau after his start in anti-aircraft artillery as platoon leader from 2000 to 2003, he joined the  NRBC defense group as a CBRN liaison officer and then became deputy commander of the company for 2 years. 

From 2005 to 2007, he served with the 2nd Dragoons Regiment as CBRN Company Commander.

He then joined Land Force Command as a service officer for two years.

In 2012, graduated from the French war college and a Master’s degree in nuclear energy. He joined the CBRN Center of the French Army as a staff officer.

He returned to the 2nd Dragoons Regiment in 2013 as Head of Operations and Training Officer for two years.

Head of the CBRN counter-proliferation cell at the French strategic headquarters in Paris (CPCO) from 2015 to 2017.

During his career, Lt. Col. Boireau was successively deployed in French Guiana, Bosnia (SFOR HQ), French Polynesia but also in the NATO Response Force No. 7 (CDR) and FINUL (fire support adviser) to finally participate in Iraq in NATO Response Force No. 14 (CBRN Battalion Chief of Staff "Inherent Resolve").

In 2018 he took command of the 2nd Dragoons Regiment.

Barry Moss

Barry is the Managing Director of BWM Consulting Ltd, a lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton, a Resilience Manager for the NHS, and a military CBRN reservist.

Barry is an experienced consultant whose projects/roles have included, lead capability advisor at Sellafield Nuclear site, and lead consultant to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Related responsibilities during a 25-year military career included acting as Military Advisor at the Police National CBRN Centre, and the command of an independent specialist CBRN military unit across 3 concurrent tasks: delivering the Radiation Monitoring capability for Defence Nuclear emergencies (NARO); CBRN Exploitation of overseas incidents (SIBCRA); and Hot Zone support to CBRN Explosive device disablement in the UK counter terrorism role (TRF). As well as deploying on live CBRN operations, and on live agent training in the UK, USA and Canada, Barry’s unit was awarded the Chief Scientific Advisors Commendation in 2010.

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