FREE Workshop "Robotics in CBRN"

On June 5th 2019 we will be holding a free, half-day workshop in conjunction with the Encircle project on the subject of Robotics in CBRN. 

This is your opportunity to hear from four European projects that are developing and using UGVs and UAVs to improve CBRN response, including improved detection, rescue and recovery, and contaminated evidence collection and scene assessment.

The workshop will be held from 2-5pm at Hotel Football, directly opposite the Old Trafford Stadium, home of Manchester United!

If you would like to attend this workshop, or for more information, please contact zoeThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Manchester workshop

‘With this spanner, I thee wed…’

CBRN and robotics have been an engagement made in heaven for about the past 15 years, but only recently does it look like the wedding is going to be finalised! The ability to be able to securely assess and manage hazardous scenes has previously dominated by a complicated decision over what personal protective equipment to wear, but now the choice could be about whether a situation is best handled from the ground or air and sending the right robotic mission module in to deal with it.

CBRNe World’s Asymmetric Stadium Threat event has a half day pre-conference workshop on the 5th of June that is going to look at the ‘art of the possible’ in CBRN UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles) and UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles). Looking at a variety of projects that are bringing robotic assessment of terrorist and criminal scenes together this FREE half day workshop will showcase differences in thinking, technology and missions and provide a potential roadmap to first responders that want to use this technology, and companies that seek to understand how they can better shape their offerings to take advantage of it. This workshop will be held at Hotel Football, right next to the famous Old Trafford, home to CBRNe World’s Asymmetric Stadium Threat Event, which takes place the next day (  

Individuals that would like to register for this should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The programme for this will be finalised shortly, but it will represent the cutting edge of robotic innovation in CBRN missions. More information will be available on .


Our Exhibitors list is growing by the day.  We plan to publish the full list in the next few weeks, so hold on to your hats masks - it's going to be a goodie.

Brian Clesham

Commissioned into the Royal Gurkha Rifles, Brian Clesham spent 10 years of his service in South East Asia and the Far East, initially learning the language and culture of Gurkha soldiers while undertaking welfare work in the Himalayas. He was the former Chief of British Army CBRN from 2006 - 2010 and Chief of Staff of the UK’s Defence CBRN Centre during its post 9/11 expansion to incorporate training for the Police, Transport Police, Fire and Ambulance services. He has been responsible for briefing the Chief of Staff of the Army on CBRN matters and custodian for the CBRN deployment instruction for UK Joint Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, while holding the Land Forces portfolio for CBRN policy, doctrine, training and capability development including in the provision of the future generation of respiratory protection for the UK Armed Forces. He was the author and custodian of the Concept of Operations for the UK’s Joint CBRN Regiment on its formation and has supported the UK MoD, US DoD and UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office in senior NATO and OPCW counter-proliferation forums. He has held peacekeeping, law enforcement, counter terrorism and counter insurgency portfolios, primarily within the UN and NATO, while addressing the transformation of the defence and security environment and specifically its impact on countering-CBRN at home and overseas.

Brian has been published in several international defence and security journals, chaired international CounterCBRN conferences and is a graduate of the NATO Defence College.

He is currently a consultant and integrator of Counter-CBRN capability solutions.

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